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A Sound Part of Your Success

Sound: (n) the sensation experienced through the sense of hearing;
a particular auditory impression
(adj) solid, firm, stable, free from flaws or defects

Amazing Quality, Quick Turnaround, Competitive Pricing

It has often been said, “Speed, quality, price. Pick any two.”

At AllanTone Studios, you get it all. We understand that this is a very deadline-driven industry. So, we make it a point to turn your project around as quickly as possible.

“Fast” and “accurate” do not have to be mutually exclusive. We strive to meet or exceed your expectations in everything we do.

And it does not have to cost a fortune. Our pricing structure is refreshingly competitive.


AllanTone Studios brings to the table an over 40-year line of experience in all facets of audio production. From tens of thousands of automotive and retail-based spots, to award-winning campaigns, to recording and producing music with R&B artist Brian McKnight and Nashville writer/producer Robert Byrne, to telephone on-hold messages and prompts, to expertly edited music programs for numerous Olympic-class figure skaters, Allan and AllanTone Studios have provided superior audio production to thousands of satisfied clients from one end of the country to the other.

Besides his lengthy studio experience, Allan has also been a musician for over 50 years, culminating in being band manager at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. He also spent ten years as an adjunct professor at Pikes Peak Community College, teaching the finer points of audio production to many bright and promising upcoming engineers.

At AllanTone Studios, you’ll find world-class equipment, hardware and software to compliment your projects, backed by a lifetime of knowledge and intuition.


AllanTone Studios got its start over 25 years ago as Get Reel Productions, when the bulk of audio production was created on reel-to-reel tape machines, and edits were done with grease pencils, razor blades, and splicing tape. Owner/chief operator Allan Blackwell came from a lengthy background of radio broadcasting and production, having gravitated to studio work when he realized he liked the production room a lot more than the control room.

Times changed, techniques were refined, and equipment changed DRAMATICALLY! Tape is almost an “unknown” protocol in studios anymore (although we still have a couple of tape machines. Just in case.)

And here’s where the difference lies. Recording studio equipment used to be VERY expensive. For the casual recording novice, prohibitively expensive! The good news, and the BAD news is, now anybody with a couple thousand dollars but no experience in recording or signal flow can buy a computer, an acceptable microphone or two, and a pair of speakers, grab some free software like Garage Band, and go to work. Easy, right?

Not really!

It’s a well-established fact that any equipment, whether software or hardware, is only as good as the skillset behind the person using it! At AllanTone Studios, we have the best hardware and the software in the business, and we back it up with over four decades of real-world experience. Combine great tools with in-depth knowledge of the business, and true enthusiasm behind every project, and you have a winning combination. That’s what makes AllanTone Studios your best bet for all your audio production.

Audio Services

Commercial Production

AllanTone Studios has produced tens thousands of commercials over the years, and we are ready to put our expertise to work for you. We employ what we like to call an “a la carte” approach. We can:

  • Produce your radio spot or TV audio with our voice talent.
  • Produce your spot with your voice talent. They can call us on Source Connect, or voice & email the file to us.
  • Provide voice talent for you to produce at your facility.
We can hook up via Source Connect, Zoom, or phone patch so your session is conducted just as if you were right here in the studio with us.

We also understand that this is a deadline-driven industry, so quick turnaround is never a problem. Next-day is normal, but same-day is never out of the question. Our goal is to be that part of the chain that keeps your workflow moving.


Nothing establishes your identity like your own jingle, and it doesn't have to empty your pocketbook! We have access to some of the best writers and musicians in the industry and can create a jingle for your company in any style imaginable.

Jingle demos can be found in the Demos section below.

On Hold

What do your customers hear when you put them on hold?

With a custom on-hold message from AllanTone Studios, your clients hear what you want them to hear...tell them more about your business, or current specials...driving directions...all wrapped up in the style of music that best fits your customers! We can provide the playback hardware, or if you already have a system, we can provide you with the correct media.

We are also able to extend this service to your phone prompts, so your clients hear the same voice on your auto attendant that they hear on your on-hold message.

Make sure your clients hear what you want them to hear when you place them on hold with an on-hold system from AllanTone Studios.

On Hold demos can be found in the Demos section below.

Professional Music Recording, Mixing, & Mastering

AllanTone Studios can help bring your musical project to life! We’ve done everything from recording solo artists with guitar accompaniment to full-fledged multi-instrument tracking, mixing, and mastering.

Notable past clients:

  • Robert Byrne, Nashville producer/writer/artist
  • Brian McKnight, top-selling R&B artist
  • Flying W Wranglers, one of the world's oldest cowboy singing groups
  • Barry Ward, Western/Gospel singer & songwriter; award winner with the International Western Music Association; the Academy of Western Artists; the Gospel Music Association; The Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame; and the Rural Roots Music Association.
And LOTS of local & regional artists, whose names we could certainly drop here, but you might not recognize them. Suffice it to say, our passion for music and constant pursuit of excellence will serve your project well!

Need session musicians? We have an extremely diverse talent base, and can likely cover whatever you need.

Transfer Services

Got some old reel to reel tapes or cassettes laying around, and nothing to play them on?

Old out-of-print record albums you’d like to listen to? Good news! When everybody else in the world was getting rid of their old tape machines, we had the foresight to hang onto a couple of ours.

We can usually transfer your old tapes to a digital file, and create an MP3 disc, or a standard CD. (We say “usually” because there a lot of factors involved. How old are the tapes? How carefully were they stored?)

We’ll take projects like this on a case-by-case basis. If the tapes are so old they’ve glued themselves together, or are so brittle that every time you hit “play” the tape snaps, there’s not much we can do.

What we CAN’T do: change the “mix.” If there’s a lot of background noise, we can filter it to a certain degree, but making one element louder and another element softer is beyond the scope of most any software on the market. Also please be aware that it is not legal for us to transfer a commercially produced record or cassette tape to CD.

What we CAN do: Transfer what’s on the tape or album, clean it up to the best degree we can, then make CDs or even MP3 flash drives.

Pricing is based solely on the time it takes. Please contact us so we can discuss your needs.

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Here is a sampling of our most frequently used voice actors. Many others are available to precisely fit the style of your project.


AllanTone Studios is an incredibly professional and customer-focused audio production company that provides timely, customized and comprehensive services at very reasonable prices! Goodwill has been working with Allan and company for nearly two decades and we look forward to continued promotional collaborations in the years ahead!

Bradd Hafer Goodwill Industries

We are a versatile advertising agency with a variety of needs and deadlines. AllanTone Studios has become our Go-To for voice-over projects for Radio, TV and more! Allan is a pleasure to work with, is always willing to send us demos and help us work through a script to get it just right. Many of our clients request last minute changes, and Allan is always available to help! His turnaround time is outstanding. Working with AllanTone Studios is like having your own in-house production company! Allan ALWAYS exceeds our expectations!

Alyssa Skinner MSH Marketing, LLC

What a great experience recording with Allan! Not only is he a brilliant producer and engineer, but he also makes it fun. He is absolutely the best that I have ever been around. I’ve recorded several albums with him and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional that will capture and create their unique sound. I love the guy!

Barry Ward Award Winning Western/Gospel Singer & Songwriter

I have been working with Allan for over 20 years. He is one of the most professional music editors I have worked with, and given his musical background, he is able to produce exactly what I want, and even improve on what I expect, and in the most time-efficient way.

Christopher Dean Stars on Ice

Colorado Springs Marketing has been using the wonderful audio production of Allan and AllanTone Studios for over 17 years. They are very creative in copywriting and production, and we have always been extremely happy with their care for our clients. Their businesses continue to grow, and AllanTone Studios has been a big part of making that happen.

Sandra Noll Colorado Springs Marketing

...an artist, a musician, a technical wizard only begin to describe the traits of this accomplished sound engineer. Allan's devotion to my projects, his drive for perfection, and his consistent ability to deliver one masterpiece after another, make it inconceivable to consider anyone else for my National Park Audio Guides. Quite simply, trying to find anyone with more talent, patience, or sense of humor would be futile!

Nancy Rommes Travel Audios

Anything I've ever done that's won awards, national Telly's on down, has had Allan's hands on the audio. I know I can turn a project over to him and it'll come back even better than I'd planned. He's fast and thorough, and he knows his stuff! A session with him is like a walk in the park, except without all the bees and muggers.


We've worked with Allan for decades. The reason for the long relationship? He's super easy to work with, takes direction well, offers recommendations for making the product better and can turnaround most of our projects in a day!

Sherma Jones Idea Bank Marketing

It's the nature of the business that a lot of our broadcast projects end up waiting until the last minute. As a consequence, there's nothing we value more than responsiveness from our creative vendors. Allan has always (and I mean always!) been willing to do whatever it takes to meet our deadlines, even when they're completely unrealistic! Just as importantly, the audio he delivers is always top-notch. Great voice-over, great mixes. AllanTone Studios is the "go to" studio for us!

Duane Norris Beaver Creek Marketing

When you work with Allan, you will see a conscientious experienced professional who is ready to take on virtually any type of project. What you don’t see, until you work directly with Allan, is his incredible ability to collaborate. You have an idea? His collaboration skills will make your project better than you could have ever imagined. That’s what he has done with me since 2003.

David Brower DavidBrowerVO.com; Indialantic, FL


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While we try to maintain fairly flexible hours of operation, our office hours are 8:00 AM-6:00 PM (MST) Monday thru Friday. Communication received outside of those hours will typically be answered the following business day. Studio time is booked by appointment only.

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